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Car Accidents replacing murder   no comments

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Increasingly if people want to get rid of their enemy or a person they hate, they will ensure that their victim will meet with an accident, as the penalty remains far less for an accident, especially those caused by rash driving and overspeeding drivers. Surveillance technology has made it possible to track the murder/accident victim and plan the “accident” well so that it does not appear to be a murder . The sheena bora case confirmed that people are available to track a victim and attempt to murder
That is the reason why there has been a decrease in murders and an increase in accidents. Rash and overspeeding drivers are rarely issued warnings, fines or their license confiscated in India, making it the preferred murder method

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Should Modern Cars Have CCTV?   no comments

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As we progress with technology so does the car sector, there are so many new vehicles that hit the market on a daily basis, but none of these vehicles really do anything different. There is one thing that I have always wondered why the car manufacturers do not implement and that is surveillance cameras in the actual vehicles.

We all know that we now have the technology in place to place un spottable cameras which a thief will not be able to spot. Read the rest of this entry »

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