Parking slot for car should be checked before purchasing a flat

Most apartment complexes have a parking slot for flat owners, however the location of the parking slot is important . For some parking slots it is easy to remove the car , reverse it, while other parking slots may be very narrow , or have a narrow entrance.
So the car owner has to be very careful while removing or keeping the car from the parking slot
There is only a clearance of a few centimeters between the entrance of the parking slot and the car, especially if the car has mirrors.
So if the car owner is not alert, he is very likely to damage the car, causing scratches
Also parking and removing the car from the parking slot is very time consuming, reversing the car, the time taken may be 10 minutes or more. A person can take a bus and reach panaji, in less time.

Vehicles parked on roads can cause accidents, traffic jams

In India owning vehicles, especially cars is considered to be a status symbol, However India does not have the proper infrastructure for vehicles and often vehicles are parked partly on busy roads creating problems for other motorists and pedestrians. The parked vehicle will reduce the available space for other motorists, causing traffic jams, slowing down traffic on the entire stretch of road, and in some cases the vehicle will hit the parked vehicle damaging it .
The parked vehicle will also create problems for pedestrians on the road who will find that they cannot see things clearly as the vehicle parked on the road will block their vision so they cannot see any other vehicle coming on the road. They will have to walk some distance away to get a clear view of the traffic, before crossing the road.

Car owners do not want to pay for parking

Owning a car is considered to be a status symbol, yet car owners often do not want to pay the expenses involved in owning a car. Many car owners do not make provisions for parking of their car at night and when it is not in use, causing problems for others. They will park their car in front of the house of their neighbours, making it difficult for their neighbour to enter or leave their house. Though there is a provision for parking at a nominal cost, most of these car owners are not interested in paying the expenses.

In other cases, they will park the vehicle in the side of the road causing problems to pedestrians who need to check both sides of the road, before crossing the road. These drivers need to be penalized for blocking the narrow road, causing problems for other users of the road.