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Most young people in small towns live with their parents who will purchase a vehicle for them when young so that they can learn driving. On the other hand young people who go to large metro cities often do not have the money to purchase a vehicle or keep it, especially if they are staying in a hostel. In metro cities, public transport facilities are also better so many people do not purchase vehicles, as a place to stay and job will be the main priority . At an older age, learning driving is far more difficult and risky as the person may be framed in an auto accident to extort money.
However in small towns, a person who has lived in a metro city earlier will be ridiculed for the lack of driving skills, with officials refusing to consider the reasons why the person did not learn to drive. Would the young people in the small town have learned to drive at a young age, if they were forced to live alone in a large metro city, with no money or place to stay

Written by ydpa on December 16th, 2015

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