Poor condition of roads increase accidents, repairs for vehicles

Statistical data indicates that while rash driving is a cause of a large number of accidents in India, the poor condition of the roads in India is also one of the major causes of accidents in India. Many drivers meet with accidents trying to avoid potholes or falling into potholes on the roads all over India. The problem is particularly severe during the monsoon, as large parts of the road are washed away.

The uneven surface of the roads also damage the vehicles, and the vehicles parts may get damaged. In some cases the damaged part may be repaired, however other parts may have to be replaced. So garages and repair shops are doing brisk business during the monsoon as many vehicle owners have to get their vehicle repaired. Only in some cases, the damage is covered by insurance.

Countries like Singapore are also close to the Equator, and have a tropical climate, however the condition of the roads is far better. The poor condition of the roads, is due to the rampant identity theft of engineers in India, by the government, intelligence and security agencies , with experienced engineers held a virtual prisoner, while the relatives and friends of top officals like caro, mandrekar, nayak, hathwar, kodancha, fake engineering degrees to get lucrative raw/cbi jobs with monthly salary at the expense of the engineer.

Decline in production of vehicles after demonetization

Most of the car buyers are wealthy and have plenty of cash , in some ways, a car or vehicle is a luxury in a country like India where a large section of the population is making very little money. With demonetization most people were forced to deposit their cash in the bank, and they cannot remove large amounts quickly , as the removal limit is restricted to Rs 24000 weekly.
Usually people who have plenty of cash, and are looking of options of spending will purchase a car or vehicle, and since now people have relatively less cash, they are not purchasing vehicles. Hence in December 2016, the car manufacturers reported the greatest decline in car sales in 18 years, mainly due to demonetization, which adversely affected many business as a lot of time was wasted depositing and withdrawing cash .
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Honda city car sales in India

In the first year it was available in the Indian market, 70,000 units of the Honda city car have been sold
Features of the car
Mileage :26 kmpl
Power: 100 PS
Electric sunroof
Sharkfin antenna
Auto AC with touchscreen control panel
Advanced integrated audio
One push engine start stop button
Rear parking camera with multiple views
Mileage is grade and variant specific . Accessories may not be part of standard equipment
Features are grade specific
The mileage and power are of new City diesel
Mileage as certified by ARAI in rule CMVR 1989
Price : Rs 7.54 lacs onwards
Ex warehouse price Goa

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Saviour of the Car Industry

Indias car sales will accelerate this year as economic growth is helping these countries withstand a global slump in automobile demand, an industry group has stated. This has spurred Maruit Suzuki to increase their own investment in the region.

Automotive sales across India alone are set to steadily increase by at least 10 percent in the year to March 2010, double an April estimate for a 5 percent expansion. Continue reading “Saviour of the Car Industry”