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The media reported that another woman driver a student 20 year old Aashvi Shah was involved in a fatal accident in Mumbai which resulted in the death of a taxi driver, the sole breadwinner for his family. It indicated a major problem in social attitudes, where women who do not know to drive are treated as uneducated fools, harassed, persecuted and exploited. If the young woman did not have the necessary driving skills, she should not have driven the car, the death and injury of a person because of her mistake cannot be justified. She could have hired a vehicle, with an experienced driver.

Young woman driver fatal accident

Though she claimed that she was returning from relatives, allegedly she was returning from a party at 8 am. Like the Janhavi Gadkar case, Aashvi shah who was driving a Hyundai Verna escaped major injuries, while the driver of the other vehicle died. It clearly indicated the need for strictly regulation while issuing driving licenses in India as rash or incompetent drivers put the life of not only their fellow passengers, also other vehicles, and pedestrians on the road at risk.
If a person does not or cannot drive competently, follow the rules, he or she should walk or hire a driver, they should not face censure or harassment.

Written by ydpa on August 26th, 2015

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