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Careless white Honda car lady driver in Goa number plate G 03 C3232 damaged car   no comments

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Looking for information on the lady driver of a large white Honda car with number plate G 03 C3232 who has caused a lot of damage to another vehicle with her careless driving. The white honda car tried to overtake from the wrong side at caculo circle , near broadway book store, St inez, panaji,goa and damaged the front side of a maruti car at around 5.40 pm on 19.11.2016, saturday. She did not bother to stop or compensate the car she damaged, though it was clearly her mistake .
The lady car driver had tied her hair in a pony tail and was accompanied by a man in the front seat of the car. The driver of the car which has been damaged, a senior citizen, is looking for contact details of the white honda car owner with number plate c3232 . If any details can be provided to, it will be appreciated
It now appears that the lady driver in panaji, goa had intentionally caused the car accident, because she wanted to cause losses to the car owner who had to waste a lot of time and money getting the car repaired, Insurance claims for car damage are also not being settled quickly

In Panaji, goa there are a large number of women car drivers, however they are extremely reckless, incompetent and have no morals at all, and they are repeatedly damaging the cars of senior citizens with their rash driving. Earlier another young lady driver in a grey car had damaged a Tata Nano car of the senior citizen in St Inez, Panaji, near Taj Vivanta hotel, in 2014 and did not stop or offer any kind of compensation.

The goa traffic police should seriously investigate and take action against the rash women car drivers in panaji, goa who are damaging the cars of senior citizens and running away without offering any kind of compensation

Written by ydpa on December 6th, 2016

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Taxi drivers in Goa   no comments

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As Goa has a poor public transport system most people in Goa have to hire taxis when travelling long distance, especially when going to the airport or railway station. However the taxi drivers remain unorganized with no social support, in case they face any problem. Some taxi drivers have a fleet of vehicles which they drive with their associates, yet there is often no way their regular customers can contact them if their mobile has any problem.

The rates charged by the taxi drivers vary from person to person in Goa there is no standardisation at all. While the prepaid taxi counter at the airport is charging only Rs 690 for a taxi from Dabolim airport to Panaji, for going from Panaji to the airport, the rate will vary. Some taxi drivers are charging Rs 700 for the trip, and others are charging Rs 800 for the same distance, and similar vehicle. Once people are using the services of a particular tax driver and are satisfied, they will use the services repeatedly. The drivers are familiar with all the popular routes in Goa and nearby areas.

One taxi driver in Panaji, near the market has not been spotted for some time and his regular customers are finding it difficult to trace him, his mobile phone is also switched off. He is losing a lot of business because of his absence. Any taxi cab service providers can send their offers to

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Rash young driver causes accident again in Goa   no comments

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In Goa, the rising rate of accidents is directly related to the fact that many young people drive their vehicle rashly and are not penalized for the same. The media reported that the wife Vilasini, of the former Inspector General of Police of Goa, Prabhakar Sinari met with an accident in Caranzalem, when a 18 year old car driver drove his car rashly at a high speed. She was taking a walk when the accident took place and had to be hospitalized after the accident.
In the last few years , particularly in Panaji, pedestrians often see young car, scooter and motorcycle drivers drive their vehicle very rashly without any fear of punishment at all. There is no one to monitor these rash young drivers who are exceeding the speed limit and using the roads to carry out driving stunts even during the day, when there are many drivers and pedestrians.
It is time that rash drivers, especially young people are monitored closely, penalized and their license confiscated in case they break traffic rules repeatedly.

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Mercedes benz GLA-Class in India   no comments

Mercedes benz GLA-Class
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High vehicle population in Goa   no comments

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Compared to other states in India Goa has a very high population of vehicles, with 10.56 lakh vehicles for a population of 14.58 lakh people. This could be due to the poor public transport system, high income and social pressure. In a metro like Mumbai, the public transport system is excellent, and even well off people need not purchase a car or any vehicle for their daily travel needs. In smaller towns like Panaji, hired vehicles like cars are extremely expensive, and not easily available. In most cities in India, the rickshaw and taxi fare will be metered, while in goa, the drivers can quote any rate they wish.

Hence owning a vehicle in Goa can be cost effective and convenient. Panaji, has seen a very big rise in the number of two wheelers, to nearly 6648 in 2013 according to media reports. Surprisingly Mapusa has seen the greatest increase in the number of two wheeler registrations to 11834 in 2013, closely followed by Margao with 11316 registrations in 2013. The growth in the number of larger vehicles like cars, jeeps, taxis has been relatively slower in these cities with vasco registering negative growth,

Written by ydpa on December 30th, 2014

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The mysterious car accident in Panaji, Goa   no comments

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Usually all the three major daily english newspapers in goa report the same local stories, with navhind times and herald offering better coverage since they have a more extensive local network. But on Monday, 21 July 2014, Times of India, Goa edition reported an accident that took place in panjim near dempo house on sunday around 1 am wherein a drunk young woman, 30 years old, hit two 19 year old motorcycle riders injuring them critically. There was also an attempt to cover up the accident, by damaging the car number plate so that the registration details would not be visible, when there was brief spell of rain.
Unlike most car accidents in goa, the driver was a woman,30 year old shobhika gaur, who was drunk and had a lot of alchohol in the vehicle. She was driving the car in the wrong lane, and times of india carries a photo of the mangled red car she was driving. She was arrested and released later on bail. The condition of the accident victims remains serious.
However, there is no mention at all in the major english newspapers in Goa, navhind times and herald, of this incident. Why are the local newspapers not covering this incident?
A little online research revealed that the shobhika gaur had completed her schooling in kanpur, an mba, working with two organizations manipal hospital and radio 92.7 FM at present. She had worked with hdfc in goa and icici bank earlier. Was the woman very influential locally due to which local newspapers did not carry the story? Or is there something else about this mysterious car accident that navhind times and herald dont want to report?

Written by ydpa on July 23rd, 2014

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