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Vehicles owners are rich enough to pay some additional taxes   no comments

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When the indian government increased the prices on petrol and diesel in September 2017, national television channels like times now protested against the move , however the indian government and minister said that those who own a vehicle like a car or scooter are usually wealthy enough to pay a small amount as additional taxes.
A car or other vehicle is fairly expensive, is a depreciating asset unlike real estate and there are other expenses related to owning a car like insurance and maintenance expenses which vehicle owners are aware of before purchasing the vehicle, A person who is not making much money will not purchase a vehicle, they will walk or use public transport to reduce expenses whenever possible.
So only those who are well off, can afford to purchase a car or other vehicle and can easily afford to pay the additional amount as taxes as the prices of diesel and petrol are also increasing internationally

Written by ydpa on September 21st, 2017

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I Put Petrol Oil in My Diesel Car   no comments

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I have actually driven a petrol car for the main part of my life, but because my work makes me travel a lot people have always stated that I should get a diesel car as they are a lot cheaper to run. So when my old automobile jammed up on me I decided to buy a brand new diesel automobile.

I mean it was a perfect and smooth drive, it was a bit nosier than my petrol car, but it was saving me a bit of money so it was something that I could well live with. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by ydpaar on September 25th, 2009

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