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Fastest cars in the world   no comments

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Are you eager to know about the world fastest car ? Have you watched the film Fast and Furious? It is the film that had mostly liked by car enthusiasts and got multiple reviews from various TV throughout the world. For anyone who is fond of high speed cars and like swift speed velocity for them it is best to have glimpse to the top rated fastest cars in the world.

Some of the most popular fastest cars along with their features are mentioned in the below heads:-

  • Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – This car is known as the world’s fastest car and is next to none when it achieves the power and velocity. This spectacular and professional sport car is made by France. This is a car of 268 mph and at present available in the price tag of 2.5 million dollars. Still now it is the most top rated car among all the fastest cars in the world.
  • Hennessey Venom GT – If you are tasteful in choosing cars then you will surely be of lover of Hennessey Venom GT. This car is manufactured by Hennessey Performance Engineering and constructed in Texas. With the awesome car speed of 260mph can easily be achievable within few milliseconds. This car is powered with 6.2 turbocharhed twin turbo V8 engine which bears break horse power of 1200. Hennessey Venom GT comes with the price tag of 725000 dollar.
  • Koenigsegg Agera R – This is another world’s fastest car that achieves the top speed a year ago which had made it the fastest car of the year. It can run efficiently at 0 to 62mph within just 2.9 seconds and bears the ability to achieve 260 mph that is 442.569km/h and thus used as the speediest vehicle throughout the world. It is accommodates with a strong rear wing which enables to decrease wind resistance and to serve downward force of the wind and thus serves the top speed.
  • SSC Ultimate Aero – This car comes in the fourth place in world’s fastest car track record. It can boost to a top speed of 257mph and is accommodate with the monster twin turbo V8 engine with the break horse power of 1183. This is not only one of the best achievable velocity cars but also bears magnificent look and it consistently holds the fastest car position for four years from 2007 to 2010. If you want to own this awesome vehicle then be ready with the cash of 420000 pound.
  • 9ff GT9-R – It is Porsche based car extensively rebuilt with modified 4 litre flat 6 engine that produces up to 1120 bph as per configuration. This extensively constructed car is capable to achieve 9ff 3.8 seconds to reach the speed of 100km/h and within 34.9 seconds you can easily reach to 300km/h with this car. Top speed of 9ff GT9-R is 409km/h or 254mph. you will be surprised to know that this car is faster than the original version of Bugatti Veyron but slower than Bugatti Veyron SuperSport and SSC Ultimate Aero.

So if you are ready to get a whirl of the fastest car in the world then these are the best among all to make your dream come true. Buy anyone of this and enjoy ride.

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Traffic Misery This Wintertime   no comments

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Traffic is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Whereas a decade ago there were barely any people driving on the roads more and more people these days are getting hold of a license and taking to the road. It has actually been stated that this year more than 15 million people are going to hit the roads every day, simply because of the half term and the cold winter. Read the rest of this entry »

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Driving a Car Itself   no comments

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Without the car on the roads in this day and age you are going to find it hard doing anything at all, cars are absolutley essential to get around in. But one of the main problems is that people get very tired of commuting daily. But this may be all referable to alter in the next few years, A European Union project called SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) is to be launched to evolve and test technology for vehicles that can travel in ‘road trains’ on motorways. Read the rest of this entry »

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5 Most well known Movie Cars   no comments

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Over time, the media has elevated the popularity of various vehicles by highlighting some of the fictional rides that have graced the pages of novels, the lyrics of songs, the 30-minute TV show, and the silver screen. Whether Fred and Wilma are peddling around in their signature rockmobile, James Bond gets away with his gadget cars or the Beach Boys bring life to the Little Deuce Coupe, it’s sometimes hard to forget that many of these fictional cars really don’t exist. Gaining fame through out the years these cars have earned a the rank of top 5 most famous.. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is this the future for unlocking and locking a car?   no comments

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There is a newer and better way to unlock the car now and it comes from Zipcar. Basically they are a car rental company with something a bit unique to them now. This company, like many others have actually been keeping their eyes on the market and have realised that the iPhone is very popular so they have come up with a brand new idea for renting one of their cars. Read the rest of this entry »

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Used Cars With Great Prices   no comments

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Buying a car is a big investment. Whether a brand new or a second hand automobile, you still have to beat out a tidy sum to hopefully get the automobile that meets your specifications.

Second hand cars can be purchased by going to the local dealer, looking at the classified ads or checking out the diverse websites that allow a person to search and purchase a automobile on-line. Read the rest of this entry »

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A New or Old Car   no comments

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Money is currently tight with a lot of people, but people in this day and age still need cars if they want to get around anywhere. But what will be more effective to purchase, would it be a heap of junk or a brand new vehicle? Let’s have a look at the plus and minus sides of both. Read the rest of this entry »

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Using the iPhone for Sat Nav   no comments

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TomTom (the most famous creators of the Sat Nav) have actually teamed up with Apple in making a piece of sofware for the iPhone that does something very similar to a normal Sat Nav?

Well the short answer, no. This is coming to the iPhone for quite an expensive price of £60. Read the rest of this entry »

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Anticipate Years of Driving Experience   no comments

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There is a huge quantity of people who pass their driving tests but literally do not acknowledge what to anticipate. So let’s have a look at the first few years of driving and take a look at the things that you can genuinely anticipate to occur during the first few years

Year One

The first year is in all likelihood the most nerve racking and most expensive. Your insurance policy premiums are going to go through the ceiling. Read the rest of this entry »

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Should I Buy Or Lease My New Car   no comments

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I have just begun a new job and feel that the time is right for me to be looking into buying a new car. In all truth I have owned my Fiat Punto for well over 6 years now, and although she has been brilliant, she is looking a bit old and battered.

My biggest predicament is which car should I think about investing in? Read the rest of this entry »

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