Expenses involved in owning a vehicle

While local intelligence, security agencies, especially in panaji, goa are quick to defame people who do not have a vehicle as uneducated people with no income, there are a lot of expenses involved in purchasing, maintaining and using a car or any vehicle which include
– initial investment to purchase the vehicle
– registration fees
– insurance
– fuel
– repairs
– keeping the vehicle clean, washing, painting

On a website, a vehicle owner was complaining how the insurance company was not paying all the expenses to repair the car, which was involved in an accident, the insurance company was paying less than 40% of the expenses. However car and vehicle owners have a better social status, especially in small towns, so they should be ready to pay the extra amount or not purchase a vehicle at all

Road Rage a major problem

The high profile murder of 19 year old Aditya Sachdeva by Rakesh Ranjan “Rocky” Yadav, the 25 year old son of a politician for allegedly blocking the vehicle, again indicated that road rage remains prevalent in India today. Young, rich and powerful people are especially extremely arrogant, intolerant and get angry very soon if they do not get what they want.
This makes driving vehicles a risky affair, as the driver of a car or other vehicle has no control over the other vehicles on the road, how they are being driven, and when the driver of the vehicle will take offense, and attack the driver .
The media highlighted this case, however there are many victims of road rage, who get into fights in the middle of road, causing problems for everyone as a large crowd gathers around them to watch the tamasha.

Chinese car tires

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Car owners do not want to pay for parking

Owning a car is considered to be a status symbol, yet car owners often do not want to pay the expenses involved in owning a car. Many car owners do not make provisions for parking of their car at night and when it is not in use, causing problems for others. They will park their car in front of the house of their neighbours, making it difficult for their neighbour to enter or leave their house. Though there is a provision for parking at a nominal cost, most of these car owners are not interested in paying the expenses.

In other cases, they will park the vehicle in the side of the road causing problems to pedestrians who need to check both sides of the road, before crossing the road. These drivers need to be penalized for blocking the narrow road, causing problems for other users of the road.

Car signage and letting

Businesses of all sizes including car rental firms, are looking for the best option to promote their product and services so that they can get customers and increase their sales. Cars are one of the most convenient and cost effective way of moving from one place to another and people often need to hire a car for their transportation needs . While newspaper and online media advertising can generate some leads and orders. Car signage and letting information which is easily available at high traffic locations will usually be the most common way to find a suitable car for hire.

While people residing in a city or town have their own means of transportation, usually people visiting the city or town will need to hire a car for reaching their destination. They will usually reach the city or town by air or rail and will look for suitable cars for hire at the airport or railway station. Hence a car rental company should ensure that their Car signage and letting information will be easily available and visible at the exit point of the airport, railway station or any other entry or exit point to the city like the bus terminus or seaport.

The Car signage and letting will include details of the locations where the vehicles are available for hire. Most commonly a phone number will be provided by the vehicle rental company which a potential customer can call to hire the car or even get more information. If the vehicles are available in the vicinity there will be signs to indicate the directions which the potential customer should take to hire the vehicle. Directions for finding the cars on rent can be useful when the customer cannot use their mobile phone due to a number of reasons like poor connectivity.

Depending on the marketing budget available, the Car signage and letting information will have details on the different types of cars available and the cost of hiring the cars. Often the car rental company will have a fixed charge for renting the vehicle for a day or a specific number of hours. If their car rental offer is especially attractive or lower than their rivals they can promote their offer with signage prominently at different locations in the city. The car signage colour and design should be attractive and easily visible even in crowded locations with a large number of signboards

UK Car Insurance – How Do You Make Sure You Get The Best Insurance

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General Auto Repair – How Significant Is It?

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Vehicle Maintenance And Repair – It Is Important

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