Bar owners punished instead of careless drivers

The decision to ban serving beer and alchoholic drinks near highways is not a wise decision, the judge should have asked for stricter action against careless drivers who drink and drive, flout traffic rules. In India, a large number of drivers continue to flout traffic rules, overspeed, cutting lanes, and are never punished because of poor system, poor policing, lack of resources.
In other countries like the United Kingdom, automated systems have been installed, and drivers who exceed the speed limit are automatically detected using the cameras and other systems, and penalized accordingly. So people are very careful driving, as they do not wish to lose their driving license, and there are far fewer traffic accidents in the United Kingdom and other countries compared to India

Car Accidents replacing murder

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Increasingly if people want to get rid of their enemy or a person they hate, they will ensure that their victim will meet with an accident, as the penalty remains far less for an accident, especially those caused by rash driving and overspeeding drivers. Surveillance technology has made it possible to track the murder/accident victim and plan the “accident” well so that it does not appear to be a murder . The sheena bora case confirmed that people are available to track a victim and attempt to murder
That is the reason why there has been a decrease in murders and an increase in accidents. Rash and overspeeding drivers are rarely issued warnings, fines or their license confiscated in India, making it the preferred murder method

Too much emphasis on driving vehicles leads to underage driving

Increasingly people who do not drive vehicles are considered to be uneducated fools and their social status will be affected, so parents encourage their under age children to drive vehicles. This results in a number of accidents by these young rash drivers, with the death of Siddharth Sharma in Delhi recently by the underage driver of a Mercedes car, receiving nationwide media attention. The underage Mercedes driver was involved in another accident in February 2016, the matter was hushed up, so the driver continued to be careless.
When siddharth sharma, a 32 year old business consultant died in the accident, the mercedes car driver was just 4 days short of his 18th birthday, and the police are now arguing that he should be tried as an adult. Additionally the police also arrested the owner of the mercedes car, the father of the rash driver for giving his son the keys of the mercedes car when he knew that underage driving was not allowed.
Daily that there are thousands of accidents taking place in India, no action is taken against the drivers, yet harmless domain investors in their home are ruthlessly stalked and tortured by intelligence and security agencies falsely claiming national security in a classic example of misplaced priorities.

Surveillance misused to cause accident

Even when out of goa, the obc domain investor finds that surveillance is misused to try to cause accident. When she left her house and was leaving the lane on 15 October 2015 at around 17.45 hours, a young man on a scooter was trying a stunt trying to drive in a “s” formation on a road full of pedestrians. The domain investor feels that the careless young man was trying to hit her, however he managed to hurt another woman who was also walking on the road.
There is an urgent need to monitor young drivers closely as they are often very careless, arrogant and think that they will get away with their careless driving. These drivers should be fined and their license confiscated

Rash young driver causes accident again in Goa

In Goa, the rising rate of accidents is directly related to the fact that many young people drive their vehicle rashly and are not penalized for the same. The media reported that the wife Vilasini, of the former Inspector General of Police of Goa, Prabhakar Sinari met with an accident in Caranzalem, when a 18 year old car driver drove his car rashly at a high speed. She was taking a walk when the accident took place and had to be hospitalized after the accident.
In the last few years , particularly in Panaji, pedestrians often see young car, scooter and motorcycle drivers drive their vehicle very rashly without any fear of punishment at all. There is no one to monitor these rash young drivers who are exceeding the speed limit and using the roads to carry out driving stunts even during the day, when there are many drivers and pedestrians.
It is time that rash drivers, especially young people are monitored closely, penalized and their license confiscated in case they break traffic rules repeatedly.

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Another woman driver involved in fatal accident

The media reported that another woman driver a student 20 year old Aashvi Shah was involved in a fatal accident in Mumbai which resulted in the death of a taxi driver, the sole breadwinner for his family. It indicated a major problem in social attitudes, where women who do not know to drive are treated as uneducated fools, harassed, persecuted and exploited. If the young woman did not have the necessary driving skills, she should not have driven the car, the death and injury of a person because of her mistake cannot be justified. She could have hired a vehicle, with an experienced driver.

Young woman driver fatal accident

Though she claimed that she was returning from relatives, allegedly she was returning from a party at 8 am. Like the Janhavi Gadkar case, Aashvi shah who was driving a Hyundai Verna escaped major injuries, while the driver of the other vehicle died. It clearly indicated the need for strictly regulation while issuing driving licenses in India as rash or incompetent drivers put the life of not only their fellow passengers, also other vehicles, and pedestrians on the road at risk.
If a person does not or cannot drive competently, follow the rules, he or she should walk or hire a driver, they should not face censure or harassment.

Poor regulation of the license to kill in India

India has one of the highest number of road accidents in the world, because powerful officials do not regulate those who have been given the license to drive vehicles. These incompetent officials will waste a huge amount of tax payer money to defame, harass, cheat and exploit innocent harmless civilians especially webmasters and domain investors who neither have the resources or ability to harm anyone. However they will carelessly ignore the drivers who drive their powerful vehicles recklessly causing accidents.

What harm can a person sitting in her home reading and writing cause to others? However cruel top officials are making completely false allegations against the harmless civilian in her home to attack her daily with the most sophisticated directed energy weapons out of hatred, casteism and greed to cover up their fraud friends and relatives siddhi mandrekar,brahmin section 420 cheater nayanshree hathwar, sunaina, riddhi. For more than 5 years these cruel cowards who cannot be held accountable have put the webmaster under surveillance and monitored every activity of hers after defaming her without proof, to find non existent proof.

These powerful officials however do not think that drivers especially those who are drunk and have poor driving skills need to be regulated or monitored in India. There were newspaper reports that the police lacked both equipment and training to trace and penalize the drivers who were driving rashly over the specified speed limit or were drunk. Daily citizens come across drivers who are overspeeding or driving rashly sometimes with one hand.

Why are there no provisions for reporting these rash drivers and taking action against them. Why are these drivers not monitored closely and fined? They are a hazard to other vehicles and also to pedestrians nearby. In a cash strapped country these careless drivers have a lot of money to spare, fining them or revoking their license will reduce the number of accidents and also improve the state finances. Yet these reckless drivers are not monitored in India , resources are wasted to protect lazy greedy frauds and call girls like nayanshree hathwar, sidhi mandrekar, sunaina

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