Can you decide on a car to Rent on a Canadian holiday?

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Is it a Good Thing to Buy Your Child Anything They Want

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Precision Parts_Machining,Fabrication & Reengineering

Factory locates in Shenzhen city, China and would like to carry any project in:

Precision Parts Machining: of any material such as aluminum, brass,bronze,SS,etc.
Metal or alloy Fabrication: of any enclosure,cabinet,housing,etc.
Reenginnering from Samples Provided.

Our facility has 140 operators and over 60 CNC machines, lathe,miller, grinders and wire cut
machine. We work in the way:

a,Accept small runs;

b,Create good finishing (we have anodizing,powder coating and plating);

c,Accept all CAD files and even hand draft such as IGS, STEP, AutoCAD, Solidworks,
AutoDesk, UGNX,edrawings, ProE, x_t,etc.;

d,Multi Delivery Mode:

– Emergency: 3 days
– Fast delivery: 2 weeks
– Normal delivery: monthly basis

Official email address:

For each RFQ, we will provide:

* US reference;
* On Time Quotation
* Full information (brochure, website, photoes of works)

We will show you a reliable quality source, contact us now!!!

Yada Inc./Taihao Factory

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