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Expensive repairs for low end cars   no comments

While cars require less maintenance in the first few years after they are manufactured, after some time a lot of money has to be spent by the car owner for maintenance of the car . Some of the problems faced include
– clutch not working
– brake problems
– oil leakage
– battery problem
– wipers not working
– damage to the door and body due to careless drivers and others
– headlights malfunctioning
For inexpensive low end car models like the tata nano, in some places in India, it is extremely difficult to get it repaired as there are few trained mechanics, spare parts are not available easily, and repair charges are very high compared to the cost of the car. For example after 4-5 years, some car owners are spending Rs 15000 or more annually on repairs. So it is advisable to exchange the car for a newer model which will require less maintenance.

Written by ydpa on October 13th, 2016

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Dangers of hiring a vehicle   no comments

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Increasingly hiring a vehicle has become dangerous for domain investors, Paypal account holders and victims of organized stalking. Those who harass them have powers of surveillance over the domain investor and often ensure that infectious virus or bacteria are lining the hired vehicle. In Goa the problem has become very severe , because whenever the domain investor has fallen ill, it will be after taking a hired vehicle, usually at a different location.
The problem of illness after using public transport was faced in September 2012, in December 2014 and again in September 2015,
It is a clear indication of how surveillance of a harmless civilian is being misused to harass, cheat and exploit the harmless domain investor and ruin his or her health. Without the surveillance they would not be able to plan the biological weapons to cause health problems.
So if a safe vehicle is not available, it is advisable to walk for some time, rather than get infected with some illness which will leave the person bedridden for long .
These are extremely dangerous people who can waste indian tax payer money to destroy the health and finances of any person they hate, and cannot be held accountable.

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Written by ydpa on October 13th, 2016

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Unused vehicles may require more repairs   no comments

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It is advisable to purchase a car only if the car owner will use the vehicle regularly. If the car owner has multiple vehicles at his or her disposal, there is a possibility that one vehicle will remain idle. During the monsoons, rats and other pests may take shelter in the vehicle and damage the vehicle, especially cutting the wiring . Getting the wiring checked and repaired can be an expensive task.
Another problem faced with unused vehicles is that the vehicle weight pressure remains on a single point on the tyre causing the tyre to get damaged more quickly. If the vehicle is used periodically the weight of the vehicle is resting on different points on the tyre surface, so the vehicle will not be damaged quickly.

During festivals like Ganesh Chathurti, many of the auto mechanics are on holiday in Goa, so people who come to the place for a holiday are likely to find it difficult to get their vehicle repairs

Written by ydpa on September 9th, 2016

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Car Accidents replacing murder   no comments

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Increasingly if people want to get rid of their enemy or a person they hate, they will ensure that their victim will meet with an accident, as the penalty remains far less for an accident, especially those caused by rash driving and overspeeding drivers. Surveillance technology has made it possible to track the murder/accident victim and plan the “accident” well so that it does not appear to be a murder . The sheena bora case confirmed that people are available to track a victim and attempt to murder
That is the reason why there has been a decrease in murders and an increase in accidents. Rash and overspeeding drivers are rarely issued warnings, fines or their license confiscated in India, making it the preferred murder method

Written by ydpa on September 1st, 2016

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Poor infrastructure damages vehicles, causes losses   no comments

With google, tata, cbi, ntro allegedly continuing with their sex, cheatinmg scandal falsely claiming that goan sex workers like the slim jeans clad goan obc bhandari fraud R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar,2013 bsc who has sex with top indian government officials, siddhi , cheater housewives like goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee riddhi nayak, shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar and other frauds who have not answered jee or completed their btech 1993 ee degree are experienced engineers to give these frauds , lucrative R&AW/CBI/intelligence agency jobs with great powers, indian infrastructure, especially roads, bridges continue to be poorly maintained .
The collapse of the bridge over the river Savitri near Mahad in Maharashtra which led to the loss of 42 lives is an indication of the poor status of engineers in indian society today, how frauds faking their engineering degree, experience are given great powers by the indian government.
As the indian government in 2016, does not value experienced trained engineers, the poor infrastructure in addition to causing accidents due to potholes, bridge collapses, also causes damage to vehicles due to increased wear and tear. Tyres are more likely to be punctured, shock absorbers have to replaced more often, traffic jams are widespread, and vehicle repairs become more expensive for the vehicle owner.
So when indian intelligence and security agencies like CBI, NTRO are involved in resume theft, impersonation frauds on experienced trained qualified engineers from top colleges, the lust , greed and hatred of top officials can be extremely expensive for the country

Written by ydpa on August 11th, 2016

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Expenses involved in owning a vehicle   no comments

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While local intelligence, security agencies, especially in panaji, goa are quick to defame people who do not have a vehicle as uneducated people with no income, there are a lot of expenses involved in purchasing, maintaining and using a car or any vehicle which include
– initial investment to purchase the vehicle
– registration fees
– insurance
– fuel
– repairs
– keeping the vehicle clean, washing, painting

On a website, a vehicle owner was complaining how the insurance company was not paying all the expenses to repair the car, which was involved in an accident, the insurance company was paying less than 40% of the expenses. However car and vehicle owners have a better social status, especially in small towns, so they should be ready to pay the extra amount or not purchase a vehicle at all

Written by ydpa on July 4th, 2016

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Auto repair shops are profitable   no comments

In small states like Goa where public transport is poor and a large section of the population has vehicles like scooters, cars, having an auto repair shop in a central location can be extremely profitable . People spend a large amount on their vehicles, so if they are having any kind of problem, they will require to get it repaired at the earliest.
Many of the drivers in Goa are young, so they are more likely to damage the vehicle with their rash driving, requiring repairs at the earliest. In other cases, the vehicle may stop functioning after heavy rains if the vehicle is parked in an area which is waterlogged. Vehicles are also damaged while overtaking and parking on the road. The cost and time taken to repair the vehicle depends on the extent of the damage, model of the vehicle and availability of spare parts

Written by ydpa on June 22nd, 2016

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Taxi drivers in Goa   no comments

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As Goa has a poor public transport system most people in Goa have to hire taxis when travelling long distance, especially when going to the airport or railway station. However the taxi drivers remain unorganized with no social support, in case they face any problem. Some taxi drivers have a fleet of vehicles which they drive with their associates, yet there is often no way their regular customers can contact them if their mobile has any problem.

The rates charged by the taxi drivers vary from person to person in Goa there is no standardisation at all. While the prepaid taxi counter at the airport is charging only Rs 690 for a taxi from Dabolim airport to Panaji, for going from Panaji to the airport, the rate will vary. Some taxi drivers are charging Rs 700 for the trip, and others are charging Rs 800 for the same distance, and similar vehicle. Once people are using the services of a particular tax driver and are satisfied, they will use the services repeatedly. The drivers are familiar with all the popular routes in Goa and nearby areas.

One taxi driver in Panaji, near the market has not been spotted for some time and his regular customers are finding it difficult to trace him, his mobile phone is also switched off. He is losing a lot of business because of his absence. Any taxi cab service providers can send their offers to

Written by ydpa on June 11th, 2016

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Road Rage a major problem   no comments

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The high profile murder of 19 year old Aditya Sachdeva by Rakesh Ranjan “Rocky” Yadav, the 25 year old son of a politician for allegedly blocking the vehicle, again indicated that road rage remains prevalent in India today. Young, rich and powerful people are especially extremely arrogant, intolerant and get angry very soon if they do not get what they want.
This makes driving vehicles a risky affair, as the driver of a car or other vehicle has no control over the other vehicles on the road, how they are being driven, and when the driver of the vehicle will take offense, and attack the driver .
The media highlighted this case, however there are many victims of road rage, who get into fights in the middle of road, causing problems for everyone as a large crowd gathers around them to watch the tamasha.

Written by ydpa on May 11th, 2016

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Too much emphasis on driving vehicles leads to underage driving   no comments

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Increasingly people who do not drive vehicles are considered to be uneducated fools and their social status will be affected, so parents encourage their under age children to drive vehicles. This results in a number of accidents by these young rash drivers, with the death of Siddharth Sharma in Delhi recently by the underage driver of a Mercedes car, receiving nationwide media attention. The underage Mercedes driver was involved in another accident in February 2016, the matter was hushed up, so the driver continued to be careless.
When siddharth sharma, a 32 year old business consultant died in the accident, the mercedes car driver was just 4 days short of his 18th birthday, and the police are now arguing that he should be tried as an adult. Additionally the police also arrested the owner of the mercedes car, the father of the rash driver for giving his son the keys of the mercedes car when he knew that underage driving was not allowed.
Daily that there are thousands of accidents taking place in India, no action is taken against the drivers, yet harmless domain investors in their home are ruthlessly stalked and tortured by intelligence and security agencies falsely claiming national security in a classic example of misplaced priorities.

Written by ydpa on April 12th, 2016

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