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Vehicles parked on roads can cause accidents, traffic jams   no comments

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In India owning vehicles, especially cars is considered to be a status symbol, However India does not have the proper infrastructure for vehicles and often vehicles are parked partly on busy roads creating problems for other motorists and pedestrians. The parked vehicle will reduce the available space for other motorists, causing traffic jams, slowing down traffic on the entire stretch of road, and in some cases the vehicle will hit the parked vehicle damaging it .
The parked vehicle will also create problems for pedestrians on the road who will find that they cannot see things clearly as the vehicle parked on the road will block their vision so they cannot see any other vehicle coming on the road. They will have to walk some distance away to get a clear view of the traffic, before crossing the road.

Written by ydpa on March 3rd, 2016

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Despite vehicular pollution people forced to go to office   no comments

In the United states, canada, people are allowed to work at home and a large section of the population does so, to save their time, money, petrol bill and reduce vehicular pollution. In India however people who work from home are labelled as unemployed or even worse a security threat by the incompetent, greedy, corrupt intelligence and security agency officials who are always looking to get some extra money or benefits for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends.
So people who could otherwise work at home, are forced to waste time and money hiring an office to avoid the defamation, harassment, exploitation of the security and intelligence agencies, resulting in higher pollution levels in indian cities. Recently when Delhi implemented the odd even rule for vehicles some people were allowed to work at home. When will security and intelligence agencies stop working for google, tata to harass professionals, investors and small business owners working at home.
Please note that no fraud R&AW/CBI employee is associated with the website, especially brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar.

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Chinese car tires   no comments

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Car tire, Truck tire, Agricultural tire, OTR tire, Industrial tire, Nylon tire in various major Chinese tire brands at very competitive prices.

Brand include Westlake/ Goodride/ Linglong/ Triangle/ Longmarch/ Aeolus/ Goodtyre/ Haida/ Armour/ Advance/ Taishan/ Constancy/ Maxtrek/ Wanli/ Lanvigator.

Welcome to send us your demand tire sizes for pricing and tire availability,


44#501, No. 2929 Qixin Road, Minhang District,
Zip Code: 201101 Shanghai,China
Mobile:0086 18221555820 (WhatsApp)
Tel: 0086 21 5479 3201
Fax: 0086 21 5479 3251

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Car led lights   no comments

factory which is specializing in producing full range of car led lights in China.
Now we have some new designed auto led lights to recommend to you, maybe you will become interested in.
Here you can get the most competitive price according the good & super quality.
Carrie Luo

Guangzhou HSUN Lighting CO., Ltd
Epstar Optoelectronics (HK) CO.,Ltd
Office address: E201-E204,JiBang Science & Technology Park,Jishanxin Road No.8,Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China
Sales line: 0086-020-38463320-802
Fax number: 0086-020-37871276

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Luxury German cars protect passengers and drivers   no comments

Less than a month after the death of two passengers in the accident in which Reliance VP Jahnavi Gadkar was involved with a Audi Q3 car, another high profile accident was reported involving the actress and MP Hema Malini and her Mercedes Benz car in Rajasthan. Allegedly in this case also the driver of the german car was allegedly overspeeding, yet the passengers in the car escaped with relatively minor injuries, while a passenger in the other car died, in this case a baby less than 3 years old.

The high end luxury German cars have many safety features to cushion the passengers and driver in case of an accident, so even if the driver will drive the car rashly and cause an accident, they will often escape with relatively minor injuries. On the other hand the low cost cars like the Maruti Omni do not have many safety features, and the passengers may die in case of an accident, Hence the owners of luxury cars can afford to be careless.

So when these expensive cars are purchased the driver should be vetted to ensure that it will not be used carelessly and the penalty should be more severe in these cases.

Written by ydpa on July 6th, 2015

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Car signage and letting   no comments

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Businesses of all sizes including car rental firms, are looking for the best option to promote their product and services so that they can get customers and increase their sales. Cars are one of the most convenient and cost effective way of moving from one place to another and people often need to hire a car for their transportation needs . While newspaper and online media advertising can generate some leads and orders. Car signage and letting information which is easily available at high traffic locations will usually be the most common way to find a suitable car for hire.

While people residing in a city or town have their own means of transportation, usually people visiting the city or town will need to hire a car for reaching their destination. They will usually reach the city or town by air or rail and will look for suitable cars for hire at the airport or railway station. Hence a car rental company should ensure that their Car signage and letting information will be easily available and visible at the exit point of the airport, railway station or any other entry or exit point to the city like the bus terminus or seaport.

The Car signage and letting will include details of the locations where the vehicles are available for hire. Most commonly a phone number will be provided by the vehicle rental company which a potential customer can call to hire the car or even get more information. If the vehicles are available in the vicinity there will be signs to indicate the directions which the potential customer should take to hire the vehicle. Directions for finding the cars on rent can be useful when the customer cannot use their mobile phone due to a number of reasons like poor connectivity.

Depending on the marketing budget available, the Car signage and letting information will have details on the different types of cars available and the cost of hiring the cars. Often the car rental company will have a fixed charge for renting the vehicle for a day or a specific number of hours. If their car rental offer is especially attractive or lower than their rivals they can promote their offer with signage prominently at different locations in the city. The car signage colour and design should be attractive and easily visible even in crowded locations with a large number of signboards

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Why You Should Leave Car Repair to the Experts   no comments

In many parts of the world cars are essential for leading a productive life especially when public transport systems are poor. While most appliances have become cheaper over time due to technology developed, cars have become more sophisticated and expensive. If a car will develop problems, they should realize that they Can’t Fix That: Why You Should Leave Car Repair to the Experts , for a number of reasons which are explained in detail.

Even a few decades ago, most of the car would consist mostly of mechanical parts which are relatively easy to handle and trouble shoot, and no sophisticated equipment would be needed. The electrical devices would be limited mainly to the lighting system, However, increasingly cars have extremely sophisticated electronics closely integrated with the operation of the vehicle. Most car owners do not have the sophisticated expensive equipment or the expertise needed to troubleshoot and fix any problem related to the electronics. While trying to fix the mechanical problem, they can cause damage to the electronics.

Due to advances in manufacturing technology and increased focus on fuel efficiency the design of the car will try to reduce fuel consumption , damage due to dirt and dust. For this the different parts of the car will be covered with plastic shrouds, containers and gravel shields. Not only are these parts difficult to remove for a car owner repairing his or her car, putting them back properly will also be a major challenge. If these parts are not re assembled properly the performance of the car will be affected. Additionally changing the motor oil and fluids has become complicated due to the change in the type of motor oil available.

Hence car owners today will find it more convenient to outsource their car repair to specialists who have the expertise and equipment.

Written by ydpa on May 2nd, 2015

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Wanted second hand cars   no comments

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wanted second hand cars
Non working cars also accepted
Send offer with prices, details to,

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Renault Duster offer   no comments

Renault Duster
In 2015, there are limited stocks available of 2014 models of Renault Duster available with excellent offers
110 PS dCI engine
D-CMO : New Drive Motoronics for a more efficient and responsive powertrain
Advanced Safety package : ESP, ASR, EBD, HSA, dual airbag and cruise control
New premium Leather upholstery
Soft touch dashboard
3-spoke steering wheel
Eco mode for higher fuel efficiency
Integrated touchscreen Medianav and gear shift indicator

Warranty coverage : 2 years /50,000 km from the date of invoice (whichever is earlier)

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Maruti Suzuki Alto largest selling small car in 2014   no comments

Maruti Suzuki Alto was reported to be the world’s largest selling small car for the third time in the last four years. It has been reported as the largest selling small car in India for the last ten years from 2005 to 2014.
The manufacturer has claimed that more than 27 lakh Maruti Alto cars have been sold ever since the car model was released.
Some features
1. Compact design
2. Driveability
3. Economical mileage

Maruti On road service 1800 4200 ( available in select cities in India)

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