I Ordered New Plates Hundreds of Miles Away

Anytime I hear of a friend or anyone else who needs new registration plates, I always point them to Show Plates Direct. This is an online company that I found when I needed new registration plates myself. I was in a bit of a jam though because I was not home to handle it on my own. I did not want my wife driving the car to get them, but I knew she would need the plates to go to work after her two days off were over. I was out of town on business, so I decided to go online to see if I could find out what our options were.

That is how I found Show Plates Direct, and I am beyond satisfied with the plates they did for me. It is about more than the plates though. When I first looked at their site, I was impressed. They have same day dispatch if the order is in early enough in the day, and no documents were required. I was able to order the plates from over 200 miles away, and they were sent directly to my home. My wife did not have to risk driving the car to a local business to have them take care of this, because the fine would have been hefty had she been pulled over for no registration plates.

I knew that my teen son would be able to put the plates on as he is very handy when it comes to things like that. He has been helping me with things on our cars like replacing the brakes, so I knew that he would be able to put on two registration plates without any help. Being able to handle this from so far away was a relief, and it was also the cheapest way to handle it too. Who would have thought that!