Old notes can be used for essential commodities including petrol

It will take at least 15 days for life in India to become normal after demonetization, because there is a major shortage of low value currency.However the government has allowed people to use their old currency for only a few more days till November 14, 2016 , though they have restricted the amount to be withdrawn to Rs 20000 a week only. For many people and businesses rs 20000 a week is too less to cover the cash expenses, for example in goa a single trip to the airport is costing Rs 1500 or more for some people so a person flying will find the money too little.
If he or she has a lot of expenses and wishes to eat out, the money will also not be sufficient, in many restaurants in India, the average bill for a single meal can be Rs 1000 . Even for a frugal person travelling from mumbai to goa and back, and not having to pay for accomodation, the trip will usually cost Rs 10000 at the least.
It is a good option for vehicle owners, they can fill their vehicles with petrol or diesel, which they can use later as required or even store it in their house,

Now the old currency deals are only a barter deal, the seller is accepting the notes like gold in exchange for material, like how top indian intelligence and security agency officials are bartering sex for power and money giving fake references of an engineering degree to any young woman who will offer them sex bribes

However most vehicle owners are fairly well off, the common man who has to purchase daily essential commodities like food, clothing , travel is worst affected if the seller is not accepting the currency,