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Of course I travel by car a lot, probably four or five times more than the average driver. So statistically I probably have a lot greater chance of running into something like this. About three nights ago I was traveling in the Sand Hills region of North Carolina, on Highway 421 which runs from the coast to the the mountains. Down there you see hundreds of deer along the road, it is like an obstacle course some times. At any rate it was great that I carry an emergency kit. I came across this Chevy corvette, an old stingray type vette. It looked as though the driver had been speeding and he had come around a curve and found a small herd of deer in the way. He had hit one, but also a signpost. He was injured, but not severely. His passenger was not quite that lucky. I do not think that she had been wearing her seatbelt and she had been thrown out of the convertible.

When I got there the guy was staggering around looking for the girl. He was shouting her name, Darlene and acting as though he were not quite completely there. I had a well stocked first aid kit and a powerful flashlight in my kit, so I got both of them and started to look for the girl. I had not ever seen anything like that, but fortunately it was not really as bad as it looked when I first found the girl. She was bleeding a good deal. I had already called 911, but I went and got all of the water bottles from my cooler and used them to clean out the wounds. Of course most first aid kits are not packed for really serious injuries, but I did the best that I could with what I had. I was really happy when the local fire department showed up.

Written by yhpadd on August 11th, 2016