Auto repair shops are profitable

In small states like Goa where public transport is poor and a large section of the population has vehicles like scooters, cars, having an auto repair shop in a central location can be extremely profitable . People spend a large amount on their vehicles, so if they are having any kind of problem, they will require to get it repaired at the earliest.
Many of the drivers in Goa are young, so they are more likely to damage the vehicle with their rash driving, requiring repairs at the earliest. In other cases, the vehicle may stop functioning after heavy rains if the vehicle is parked in an area which is waterlogged. Vehicles are also damaged while overtaking and parking on the road. The cost and time taken to repair the vehicle depends on the extent of the damage, model of the vehicle and availability of spare parts

Taxi drivers in Goa

As Goa has a poor public transport system most people in Goa have to hire taxis when travelling long distance, especially when going to the airport or railway station. However the taxi drivers remain unorganized with no social support, in case they face any problem. Some taxi drivers have a fleet of vehicles which they drive with their associates, yet there is often no way their regular customers can contact them if their mobile has any problem.

The rates charged by the taxi drivers vary from person to person in Goa there is no standardisation at all. While the prepaid taxi counter at the airport is charging only Rs 690 for a taxi from Dabolim airport to Panaji, for going from Panaji to the airport, the rate will vary. Some taxi drivers are charging Rs 700 for the trip, and others are charging Rs 800 for the same distance, and similar vehicle. Once people are using the services of a particular tax driver and are satisfied, they will use the services repeatedly. The drivers are familiar with all the popular routes in Goa and nearby areas.

One taxi driver in Panaji, near the market has not been spotted for some time and his regular customers are finding it difficult to trace him, his mobile phone is also switched off. He is losing a lot of business because of his absence. Any taxi cab service providers can send their offers to