Too much emphasis on driving vehicles leads to underage driving

Increasingly people who do not drive vehicles are considered to be uneducated fools and their social status will be affected, so parents encourage their under age children to drive vehicles. This results in a number of accidents by these young rash drivers, with the death of Siddharth Sharma in Delhi recently by the underage driver of a Mercedes car, receiving nationwide media attention. The underage Mercedes driver was involved in another accident in February 2016, the matter was hushed up, so the driver continued to be careless.
When siddharth sharma, a 32 year old business consultant died in the accident, the mercedes car driver was just 4 days short of his 18th birthday, and the police are now arguing that he should be tried as an adult. Additionally the police also arrested the owner of the mercedes car, the father of the rash driver for giving his son the keys of the mercedes car when he knew that underage driving was not allowed.
Daily that there are thousands of accidents taking place in India, no action is taken against the drivers, yet harmless domain investors in their home are ruthlessly stalked and tortured by intelligence and security agencies falsely claiming national security in a classic example of misplaced priorities.