Despite vehicular pollution people forced to go to office

In the United states, canada, people are allowed to work at home and a large section of the population does so, to save their time, money, petrol bill and reduce vehicular pollution. In India however people who work from home are labelled as unemployed or even worse a security threat by the incompetent, greedy, corrupt intelligence and security agency officials who are always looking to get some extra money or benefits for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends.
So people who could otherwise work at home, are forced to waste time and money hiring an office to avoid the defamation, harassment, exploitation of the security and intelligence agencies, resulting in higher pollution levels in indian cities. Recently when Delhi implemented the odd even rule for vehicles some people were allowed to work at home. When will security and intelligence agencies stop working for google, tata to harass professionals, investors and small business owners working at home.
Please note that no fraud R&AW/CBI employee is associated with the website, especially brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar.