Surveillance misused to cause accident

Even when out of goa, the obc domain investor finds that surveillance is misused to try to cause accident. When she left her house and was leaving the lane on 15 October 2015 at around 17.45 hours, a young man on a scooter was trying a stunt trying to drive in a “s” formation on a road full of pedestrians. The domain investor feels that the careless young man was trying to hit her, however he managed to hurt another woman who was also walking on the road.
There is an urgent need to monitor young drivers closely as they are often very careless, arrogant and think that they will get away with their careless driving. These drivers should be fined and their license confiscated

Rash young driver causes accident again in Goa

In Goa, the rising rate of accidents is directly related to the fact that many young people drive their vehicle rashly and are not penalized for the same. The media reported that the wife Vilasini, of the former Inspector General of Police of Goa, Prabhakar Sinari met with an accident in Caranzalem, when a 18 year old car driver drove his car rashly at a high speed. She was taking a walk when the accident took place and had to be hospitalized after the accident.
In the last few years , particularly in Panaji, pedestrians often see young car, scooter and motorcycle drivers drive their vehicle very rashly without any fear of punishment at all. There is no one to monitor these rash young drivers who are exceeding the speed limit and using the roads to carry out driving stunts even during the day, when there are many drivers and pedestrians.
It is time that rash drivers, especially young people are monitored closely, penalized and their license confiscated in case they break traffic rules repeatedly.

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