Dangers of travelling in a car

The sheena bora murder case again indicated the danger of travelling in a car. Once she entered the car, where her mother indrani mukherjea and her ex husband sanjeev khanna was seated , her fate was sealed. They may have poisoned her giving her a spiked drink or injected her with a poison/sedative, and it was difficult for a single woman to fight two or three people. Knowing that she did not get along well with her mother, sheena bora should have never entered the car.
Though flimsy a rickshaw is more safer, as the passenger can get off at a traffic signal if there is any disagreement with the driver. Getting out of a car, with other copassengers remains difficult and their activities remain hidden to other pedestrian, drivers and passengers in the nearby vehicles. Though sheena bora was murdered in a public place in the car, no one seemed to be aware that a young woman was being murdered, to help her.
So despite being more comfortable, there are some major disadvantages of travelling in a car, especially with people hostile to you, they may murder or betray anytime,