Car owners do not want to pay for parking

Owning a car is considered to be a status symbol, yet car owners often do not want to pay the expenses involved in owning a car. Many car owners do not make provisions for parking of their car at night and when it is not in use, causing problems for others. They will park their car in front of the house of their neighbours, making it difficult for their neighbour to enter or leave their house. Though there is a provision for parking at a nominal cost, most of these car owners are not interested in paying the expenses.

In other cases, they will park the vehicle in the side of the road causing problems to pedestrians who need to check both sides of the road, before crossing the road. These drivers need to be penalized for blocking the narrow road, causing problems for other users of the road.

Another woman driver involved in fatal accident

The media reported that another woman driver a student 20 year old Aashvi Shah was involved in a fatal accident in Mumbai which resulted in the death of a taxi driver, the sole breadwinner for his family. It indicated a major problem in social attitudes, where women who do not know to drive are treated as uneducated fools, harassed, persecuted and exploited. If the young woman did not have the necessary driving skills, she should not have driven the car, the death and injury of a person because of her mistake cannot be justified. She could have hired a vehicle, with an experienced driver.

Young woman driver fatal accident

Though she claimed that she was returning from relatives, allegedly she was returning from a party at 8 am. Like the Janhavi Gadkar case, Aashvi shah who was driving a Hyundai Verna escaped major injuries, while the driver of the other vehicle died. It clearly indicated the need for strictly regulation while issuing driving licenses in India as rash or incompetent drivers put the life of not only their fellow passengers, also other vehicles, and pedestrians on the road at risk.
If a person does not or cannot drive competently, follow the rules, he or she should walk or hire a driver, they should not face censure or harassment.

Officials have money for cars, no money for domain names

Top officials in the indian internet sector have money to purchase the latest models of cars in India costing lakhs of rupees, yet these shameless greedy officials and their pampered lazy friends do not want to spend a single paisa on domain names, websites, hosting, yet greedily and falsely claim that they own the websites to get great powers, lucrative jobs with salary and pension
Why are the top officials officials and their lazy greedy cheater goodlooking friends shameless greedy and selfish frauds , ruthlessly defaming the real domain investor who spends her hard earned money on domain names and falsely claiming that they own all her assets
Who gave these greedy officials the license to claim that they owned the assets of the real domain investor, like the expensive car they own, why dont these officials spend their money on the domain names they greedily boast that they own. Allegedly the lazy greedy brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, bsc sunaina, asmita patel and other women have been falsely claiming that they owns this website though these women have not spent a single paisa on the domain name or other expenses.