Speeding motorcyclist/car drivers not monitored   no comments

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The reason for many road accidents are speeding motorcyclist/car drivers who are not monitored or punished for speeding. These careless or arrogant motorcyclist are driving their vehicles at speeds far above the safety limit, yet no attempt has been made to monitor the speed at which they drive the vehicles. These drivers pose a danger to other drivers on the roads and also pedestrians.
In Panaji city, the speed of vehicles remains low due to road digging, yet in the suburb a large number of vehicles exceed the speed limit regularly .
The chances of a accident caused by a speeding driver, driving above the permitted speed limits. are higher as they will have less reaction time to change the direction of their vehicle, are more likely to lose control, or brake the vehicle to a stop. These overspeeding drivers are a greater danger than drunk drivers.
Fining these vehicle drivers would help in earning revenue and also decrease the danger these drivers pose to the life of other harmless civilians with their rash driving.

Written by ydpa on May 22nd, 2015