Resume theft gang trying to cause road accidents   no comments

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Not satisfied with stealing the resume of the obc engineer to get lucrative government jobs for mediocre women, the obc engineer has now noticed that the resume theft (sunaina) gang has been trying to cause accidents repeatedly. Usually a person on a motorcycle will abuse the surveillance the obc engineer has been put under to drive the motorcycle very close to the obc exporter and engineer when she will leave her house. One mistake and she could be injured.
This has happened repeatedly indicating that it is not a coincidence. Almost every day the motorcycle accident attempt has been observed in Goa and it has become dangerous to leave the house. The motorcycle or scooter driver will either slow down suddenly or accelerate making it difficult to even cross the road.
It appears a lot of tax payer money is being wasted to plan and try to cause the accident. Any information on the gang will be greatly appreciated,

Written by ydpa on May 5th, 2015