Speeding motorcyclist/car drivers not monitored

The reason for many road accidents are speeding motorcyclist/car drivers who are not monitored or punished for speeding. These careless or arrogant motorcyclist are driving their vehicles at speeds far above the safety limit, yet no attempt has been made to monitor the speed at which they drive the vehicles. These drivers pose a danger to other drivers on the roads and also pedestrians.
In Panaji city, the speed of vehicles remains low due to road digging, yet in the suburb a large number of vehicles exceed the speed limit regularly .
The chances of a accident caused by a speeding driver, driving above the permitted speed limits. are higher as they will have less reaction time to change the direction of their vehicle, are more likely to lose control, or brake the vehicle to a stop. These overspeeding drivers are a greater danger than drunk drivers.
Fining these vehicle drivers would help in earning revenue and also decrease the danger these drivers pose to the life of other harmless civilians with their rash driving.

Resume theft gang trying to cause road accidents

Not satisfied with stealing the resume of the obc engineer to get lucrative government jobs for mediocre women, the obc engineer has now noticed that the resume theft (sunaina) gang has been trying to cause accidents repeatedly. Usually a person on a motorcycle will abuse the surveillance the obc engineer has been put under to drive the motorcycle very close to the obc exporter and engineer when she will leave her house. One mistake and she could be injured.
This has happened repeatedly indicating that it is not a coincidence. Almost every day the motorcycle accident attempt has been observed in Goa and it has become dangerous to leave the house. The motorcycle or scooter driver will either slow down suddenly or accelerate making it difficult to even cross the road.
It appears a lot of tax payer money is being wasted to plan and try to cause the accident. Any information on the gang will be greatly appreciated,

Why You Should Leave Car Repair to the Experts

In many parts of the world cars are essential for leading a productive life especially when public transport systems are poor. While most appliances have become cheaper over time due to technology developed, cars have become more sophisticated and expensive. If a car will develop problems, they should realize that they Can’t Fix That: Why You Should Leave Car Repair to the Experts , for a number of reasons which are explained in detail.

Even a few decades ago, most of the car would consist mostly of mechanical parts which are relatively easy to handle and trouble shoot, and no sophisticated equipment would be needed. The electrical devices would be limited mainly to the lighting system, However, increasingly cars have extremely sophisticated electronics closely integrated with the operation of the vehicle. Most car owners do not have the sophisticated expensive equipment or the expertise needed to troubleshoot and fix any problem related to the electronics. While trying to fix the mechanical problem, they can cause damage to the electronics.

Due to advances in manufacturing technology and increased focus on fuel efficiency the design of the car will try to reduce fuel consumption , damage due to dirt and dust. For this the different parts of the car will be covered with plastic shrouds, containers and gravel shields. Not only are these parts difficult to remove for a car owner repairing his or her car, putting them back properly will also be a major challenge. If these parts are not re assembled properly the performance of the car will be affected. Additionally changing the motor oil and fluids has become complicated due to the change in the type of motor oil available.

Hence car owners today will find it more convenient to outsource their car repair to specialists who have the expertise and equipment.