Ford Mega Exchange Offer 5th-8th February 2015   no comments

Exchange old car for new and avail of bonus of up to Rs 20000

Ford Figo
Benefit of upto Rs 38000 and exchange bonus up to Rs 20000
Highly rated Bluetooth Audio, airconditioner, and bootspace

Ford Classic Titanium Diesel Metalic
Benefit of upto Rs 40000 and exchange bonus up to Rs 10000
Highly rated Bluetooth Audio, speed sensing volume control , programmable keyless entry

Special offer for corporates, government officials, insurance companies, doctors, NRIs, teachers,
IT professionals, chartered accountants, defence personnel(serving & ex-servicemen) & central police canteen

Offer from Ford dealer
Ford Figo benefits include free insurance for first year, accessories, exchange and loyalty bonus.
Ford Classic benefits include free insurance for first year, exchange and loyalty bonus.

Authorized Ford dealer
Goa : Panaji Caculo Ford
verna Caculo Ford

The prices of petrol and diesel in goa are significantly lower than the price in the neighbouring state of Maharashtra and Karnataka according to media report
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Written by ydpa on February 7th, 2015