High vehicle population in Goa

Compared to other states in India Goa has a very high population of vehicles, with 10.56 lakh vehicles for a population of 14.58 lakh people. This could be due to the poor public transport system, high income and social pressure. In a metro like Mumbai, the public transport system is excellent, and even well off people need not purchase a car or any vehicle for their daily travel needs. In smaller towns like Panaji, hired vehicles like cars are extremely expensive, and not easily available. In most cities in India, the rickshaw and taxi fare will be metered, while in goa, the drivers can quote any rate they wish.

Hence owning a vehicle in Goa can be cost effective and convenient. Panaji, has seen a very big rise in the number of two wheelers, to nearly 6648 in 2013 according to media reports. Surprisingly Mapusa has seen the greatest increase in the number of two wheeler registrations to 11834 in 2013, closely followed by Margao with 11316 registrations in 2013. The growth in the number of larger vehicles like cars, jeeps, taxis has been relatively slower in these cities with vasco registering negative growth,