Cruiser bikes for women

A majority of motorbike owners and users are men, and most motorcycle manufacturers take this fact into consideration while designing the motorcycle. However, a small but significant percentage of motorcycle owners are now women, and the number of these motorcycle owners is increasingly at a steady pace. These women want to drive the motorbike themselves instead of enjoying the ride on the backseat of the bike. The reason for owning the motorcycle vary, some like the thrill of driving a bike, others find the motorcycle the most effective way to commute over both long and short distances. Since wearing helmets is mandatory in most parts of the world, most drivers and motorcyclists do not realise that their fellow motorcyclist is a woman. A very large number of woman are registered with the American motorcyclist association. This article discusses motorbikes for women and “Why you should choose cruiser bikes for women”

Cruiser bike features
Most of the motorcycles available in the marketplace are heavy and difficult for most women to handle, since women are not as strong as men physically. Taking this into account, many motorcycle manufacturers have introduced light weight yet powerful motorcycles targeted at their female customers – cruiser bikes. Studies indicate that up to 80% of the bikes sold to female customers are cruiser bikes. Before selecting a suitable bike, it is advisable to finalize the requirements and do the necessary research. The specifications of the bike needed will depend on the experience of the bike rider, budget available and features desired.

Models available.
Most of the major motorcycle manufacturers have two or three cruiser bike models specifically designed for women – premium motorbike manufacturer Harley Davidson and also motorbike manufacturers for the mass market – Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki . Sportster, XL Custom 1200 and Dynaglide low rider are some of the bike models designed by Harley Davidson for their female customers. Women who will be driving the motorcycle for long periods of time, can request a motorcycle to be custom built, for a comfortable ride over long distances. Before purchasing a motorbike, the customer should test the motorbike to check if she can access all the controls comfortably, since women are usually shorter than men. Cruiser bikes with low seats are preferred so that the woman biker can touch the ground easily.

Shortlisting a cruiser bike
Before buying a motorbike it is advisable to research both online and offline from multiple sources. There are many websites and forums where the different models of cruiser bikes available are listed with their features , specifications and reviews. Though online reviews may not be fully accurate, these are often an indication of the quality of the product. There are also a large number of motorcycle clubs, where motorcycling enthusiasts network and meet other motorcyclists who share common interests. These clubs can be very helpful to a woman interested in purchasing a bike, as they will not only help in selecting a suitable bike, but will also provide assistance in learning to ride a bike or in case there is any problem with the bike at a later stage, like mechanical problem and repairs are needed.