How to get the best deals for cars

Though cars have been used for transportation for less than 2 centuries, buying a car has become a necessity in some regions where the public transport system is non existent. Other than a home, a car is the single largest purchase for consumers, so most potential cars spend a lot of time researching the various options available online and offline to find out where to buy cars and how to find the best deals.
Some of the considerations while buying a car are:
1.Budget of the car buyer – whether the buyer can afford the latest luxury vehicle or just needs a basic vehicle 2.New or used car is to be purchased3.Car brand like Hyundai Canada, Maruti India
Cars can be purchased directly from the dealers of major car manufacturers. The different car models are displayed in the showroom of the dealer, and the prospective buyer can take a test drive of the car to check the various features available before taking a decision. If the car is in demand, the buyer may have to pay some advance, and pay the balance amount on delivery. However, during a recession or economic downturn, the demand for vehicles is low, and prospective buyers are often offered a discount on purchase of cars . By comparing the prices of cars offered by the different dealers of the same car brand, a car buyer can get the best deal. Many car manufacturers offer a discount during the festive season and also during a lean period, when sales are slow.
Increasingly, customers can purchase a car through the website of major car brands. Most car buyers spend a lot of time online, researching the prices and features of the different car brands available , before they finalise the car model and brand they wish to purchase. For certain car models can place an order online and have it delivered to their office or residence on payment of an advance amount.
For second hand or refurbished cars, there are far more options available for car buyers and the prices are significantly lower than new cars. Many car brands have showrooms where refurbished second hand cars of the brand are sold under warranty.Often car manufacturers introduce exchange offers, where car owners can exhange their car for the latest model or a car model with more features.
Classified ads, both online and offline have many almost new and used cars listed with them. Many car owners wishing to upgrade to a more expensive car may be able to offer their existing car at a bargain price. Also car owners relocating from one state to another , or one country to another due to professional or personal reasons may sell off the car at a highly discounted price. A number of second hand car websites list cars from different brands for sale, however, a buyer is requested to research the different car conditions by asking pertinent questions before taking a decision. Many car buyers take a car loan while buying a car, and if they are unable to pay the loan installments, the lender may repossess the car. These repossessed cars are often sold at highly discounted prices by the lender, by auctioning these cars.
In conclusion, a car buyer should spend some time evaluating the prices, features and warranty of the different car brands and models, before finalising a particular vehicle.