Be Unique with Personalised Number Plates

Sometimes being unique in this day and age is actually quite a tricky thing – more tricky than you are led to believe in any case. There are many ways of at least seeming to be unique, which include the way you dress, the hobbies that you have and where you shop for food items. However, each choice that you make in the safety of a brand’s shop or website is a choice made in a captive environment. The trainers you buy that you think are quite unique, for instance, will be worn by someone else somewhere (and the bigger the brand, the higher the chance of that happening); the logo on those trainers will also be seen everywhere else, and not just on trainers but on t-shirts and caps, for instance.

So whilst there is choice, it is a stiltD
So whilst there is choice, it is a ltD
So whilst there is choice, it is a stilted choice and tone that makes you unique but only within the confines of the brand you are wearing. To be truly original involves looking further than the regular brands, looking past and over them entirely to consider more original or independent companies. But this of course is only within the realm of clothing, fashion. This kind of thing applies everywhere – one recent commodity that is used as a marker to your uniqueness is technology; what make of phone you have, what laptop, what tablet – everything is geared towards giving you a perceived sense of choice and originality but really, buying into a brand that’s one of the three largest technology brands in the world, for example, is not an original choice. It’s the same as with clothes.

For many, the ultimate generic object is the car. A car, no matter what way you look at it, is a car. It has four wheels and can be different colours. They do come in all shapes and sizes, but there is one thing that everybody has to have on their car and that’s a number plate. A boring line of random numbers and letters. Great. But you don’t often see a number plate (also called show plates, amongst other things), do you? These are a great way to inject a sense of fun or even just stamp your identity on the car that you own, without giving it a diabolical paint job or something else. Relatively inexpensive and with the freedom to write almost anything you want, these are a really nice indication of a unique character – unlike many commodities these days.