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Traffic is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Whereas a decade ago there were barely any people driving on the roads more and more people these days are getting hold of a license and taking to the road. It has actually been stated that this year more than 15 million people are going to hit the roads every day, simply because of the half term and the cold winter. But what has led to the increase in vehicles on the road and what can be done about it.

More Affordable

Whereas a decade ago or more passing your test and purchasing a automobile, as well as maintaining it throughout the year and getting insurance would have be you a fortune. I mean you would have had to have a cracking job that could give you the money even to buy the worst car that is available. These days cars are highly affordable, as well as passing your test.

More People

There are now more people than of all time before in the United kingdom. This is due to two reasons, people having larger families and migration to the United kingdom over the last decade has more than tripled, consequently the population has risen enormous amounts.

More Travelling

Because there are more people on the route these days, there are now more people travelling up and down the commonwealth, whether it is for leisure or business. Add the cold weather onto this and you will see why people want to stay in the warmth of their cars.

So what can be done about it? Well that’s simple really and there’s only two solutions, either make driving non low-cost like it used to be or splash some money into the roads to add additional lanes so that people can drive freely without being stuck in non stop traffic jams.

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