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There are such a huge amount of people that are literally driving heaps and heaps of junk and will not buy a new one until they have eliminated their old vehicle. But the old vehicles just seem to go on and on and on. So let’s have a look at some fun ways that you may well be able to get rid of your cars, please note that this post is just fictional and you should not literally go out and do these things.

Smash It

What is better then actually driving your vehicle into a wall? Well actually this could be quite a silly thing to do as you may well end up getting hurt. But what a little stress reliever it could be by smashing the car to pieces.

Burn It

You should always be careful when playing with fires, but burning a car will make a great camp fire, or ultimately it is something that you may be able to do for bonfire night.

Race It

If you are a male then you in most likelihood love driving your vehicle fast. So why not take the chance to go down an empty section of road and race your vehicle. We all acknowledge that if you push your automobile to the limit then you are going to make the engine go boom particularly if is an older automobile which cannot genuinely handle the speed.

Hand it Over

Just give it away; what’s awry with you have you never heard of giving to brotherly love? Why not give your car to someone if you really do not want it? Maybe a friend or someone else that really needs a vehicle.

When your old vehicle has had it, why not look at purchasing or viewing used cars, there are so many different models of Audi or Mercedes

Written by ydpaar on October 8th, 2009

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