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It would certainly seem that more and more people are looking into purchasing vans nowadays. It would seem that over the past ten years the sale of vans here in the UK has gone up quite a lot, 40% in fact, but how come?

Could it be to do with the fact that there is much more commercial van leasing going on than there used to be or is it something else?

There are now so many companies that are in the need of vans which of course links to the sales increase of them over the past decade. Major companies like Sky and BT purchase huge quantities of these vans every year because of the growing need for their services. The same can really be applies to any kind of company delivering something.

Some of the vans increase can actually be put down to the fact e-commerce sites have been on the rise. These sites need to use companies to deliver the large mail as the Royal mail can just about manage with a simple letter. So the need for vans goes up even more.

Vans are also on the increase because major companies are putting more money into developing them. More companies are being set up that will let people get into Citroen van leasing and Iveco van leasing which is actually cheaper than buying a van.

Vans are actually also very practical with many now having more than just the two seats and can be used for transporting any goods. The problem is that vans are also associated with many crimes such a kidnapping and burglary and both of these have been on the increase too.

However on a whole they are used for the right things and with the new “green vans” set to become available to everyone their popularity can only grow.

Written by ydpaar on October 24th, 2009

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