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Without the car on the roads in this day and age you are going to find it hard doing anything at all, cars are absolutley essential to get around in. But one of the main problems is that people get very tired of commuting daily. But this may be all referable to alter in the next few years, A European Union project called SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) is to be launched to evolve and test technology for vehicles that can travel in ‘road trains’ on motorways.

Simply the way that this would function would be when a car joins the motorway, the auto driving feature would take over and slot the vehicle in a convoy of upto 10, the vehicle would then auto control itself until it was due to leave the motorway. So, how would this function then? Well, basically each and every vehicle would communicate with one another on the satellite navigation systems, they would then pass the information over to the other vehicles and in return get back signals on how slow or fast to go and how close they are to other vehicles.

So how would this help assist people? Well, first off it would allow people to rest while they are commuting, just as they would if they were travelling on a train. Next it would encourage a greener surroundings because the cars would be much more close knit and in the end it would help stop traffic and road accidents, because of the fact that the cars will be driving so close to each other, but in burden communicating with each other to avoid any potentially fat collisions or knocks that commonly occur on such busy roads.

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Written by ydpaar on October 29th, 2009

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