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Citroen Berlingo

The Citroen Berlingo is continuing to be a popular choice for fleet operators. The versatile van has recently been awarded the best in class trophy from Fleet vans and Citroen report that the Berlingo accounts for 49.7% of the carmakers sales and Citroen lease contracts.

The Berlingo has recently undergone some significant renovations that will help ensure that this van continues to remain a favourite with commercial fleet managers and drivers alike.

There are actually two distinct versions of the Berlingo van available in the United Kingdom. These models are the L1 and L2. The L1 has been extended by 240mm and widened by 80mm. This compact van now boasts a larger load area and increased weight capacity. You can now fold down the passenger seat to extend the load area even further making it ideal for those longer items.

And these recent modifications aren’t limited to the vans load carrying capabilities. The new Berlingo is more stylish, modern and aerodynamic resulting in less internal noise when travelling. External modifications have been made in order to minimise the risk of minor damage by moving the front and rear lights and the windscreen has been enlarged to improve visibility. Inside the Berlingo you will now find more storage facilities in the central console, behind the drivers seat, larger door pockets and a passenger side glove compartment.

But its the LX model that provides one of the most outstanding new features. The new feature is called Extenso Seating and it provides a useful third seat in between the front two. The three seat feature is unique to the Berlingo as the only van in its class to offer this facility.

The standard Citroen Berlingo is full of features that you would not normally find as standard in vans in its class or price range. These features include heated wing mirrors, electric windows and that essential driver tool, a radio and CD player.

With all of these fantastic features you might expect the Citroen Berlingo to be an expensive option. But you will find that, if you shop around, you can find this van at some very competitive rates. You can get a Citroen van lease deal from as little as £170 per month with various options including van lease purchase.

Written by ydpaar on October 26th, 2009

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