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Over time, the media has elevated the popularity of various vehicles by highlighting some of the fictional rides that have graced the pages of novels, the lyrics of songs, the 30-minute TV show, and the silver screen. Whether Fred and Wilma are peddling around in their signature rockmobile, James Bond gets away with his gadget cars or the Beach Boys bring life to the Little Deuce Coupe, it’s sometimes hard to forget that many of these fictional cars really don’t exist. Gaining fame through out the years these cars have earned a the rank of top 5 most famous..

Sit back and enjoy as NorCal Vintage Cars brings you the Top 5 fictional Cars

In both the Batman television shows and movies, the superhero-on-the-go often hopped into a sleek, customized vehicle that provided protection for his Bruce Wayne alter ego. Equipped with heavy armor plating and a high performance engine, the evolution of the Batman series displayed increasing levels of gadgets. To reach increased speeds, the Batmobile sometimes offered rocket boosts, while additional weapons and a computerized assistance helped to keep villains at a distance.

The talking car that aided David Hasselhoff’s character, Michael Knight, navigate through a sea of enemies and bad guys was a Pontiac Trans Am. The television series focused on a high-tech (for the time) approach to entertain the audience. Numerous fans watched the show just to see what KITT would do or say next. The popularity of the show even helped to boost Pontiac car sales as the verbal wonder could drive without a passenger and even displayed its own set of entertaining stunts.

Driven by supernatural forces, the antique car reeked havoc in both the novel and the movie. Christine was the name given to the car that appeared in the horror novel (with the same name) published in 1983. Driven by supernatural forces, the classic car reeked havoc in both the novel and the movie.

Several Disney movies and cartoons have popularized Herbie the Lovebug, a VW Beetle that made its first appearance in 1969. Just like Christine, the red, white, and blue striped car with a “53” on its side could also drive without assistance and had a reputation for acting on its own. Most of the time, the car was featured in some sort of racing competition.

General Lee
The television series and movie named the Dukes of Hazzard showed main characters, Bo and Luke Duke soaring through the air, causing mischief with their get-rich schemes. Their vehicle of choice was a colorful Dodge Charger that allowed the cousins to complete high jumps in almost every episode. The General Lee was known for it’s confederate flag decoration and orange paint.

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