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The scrappage scheme may well have saved an immense amount of jobs and stopped companies from going under. Well that is what we forever seem to hear from the media all around the world, but things are not always as they seem and there has been a few people that have missed out. So lets take a look at the winners and the losers of the scrappage scheme.


Everyone is cheering and praiseful the governments around the globe about the way they have saved the public money on new cars. But its a deal that you could have genuinely got from the dealers and maybe an even better one as they look to shift vehicles during the economic crisis.


We all know that we are damaging the planet a huge amount and most of this is caused by old cars that are not eco friendly. By trading your old car in for a new one you are basically help save the environment as newer models of vehicles tend to emit much less CO2.

Now lets look at the bad

Luxury Cars

The scrappage scheme has been superb for cars such as ford or Honda. But for the higher end of things such as the BMW or Mercedes are still losing out a bit, this is because £2000 is genuinely not going to aid if you are spending around thirty thousand for your vehicle.

Used Car Market

Used car salesmen that I have come across are literally fuming, simply because of the fact that they have lost a high percentage of the used cars market because of the scrappage scheme. I mean who would realistically want to purchase a used car when they can purchase a new car for around the same price.

Looking for a great Volkswagen or Mercedes

Written by ydpaar on September 19th, 2009

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