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A few years ago I was asked to develop an article which could help to heighten the reputations of secondhand automobile salesmen. Evidently I’m no miracle worker, but I thought it was possible to produce a positive spin.

I was on the job as a journalist at the time, and had a cracking friend whose family had been in the automobile line of work for years. It was his proposition to come in to the company and pass a day or two on the job at the incisive end. There can be no better way of researching something than putting yourself in the genuine surroundings.

I had never before been to the garage where my friend worked, but knew I was close by when I saw a sign at the entrance to the mews saying Raffety’s used cars for sale. The showroom was deceptively roomy, and appeared to go back far towards the centre of the railway line arch. There were many different makes and models on show.

When I arrived, a little later than promIsed, I saw a young bloke on the forecourt applying some sensitive care to a old BMW. “Are you looking to Buy a new BMW“, he asked with a hopeful look on his face. I immediately thought he must be on some sort of commission arrangement, as he seemed to waste no time in speaking to me.

“No thanks” I replIed, “I am hear to see how the business organisation works, and to compose an article for the local newsprint.”

Having made my introductions, I was positioned near a telephone and told to be the ‘voice’ of the company. ThIs I enjoyed, as I think that I have a fairly good resonance with the worldwide public. Perhaps the most common question that I was asked was ‘do you know where I can Buy a Renault.’

Written by ydpaar on September 11th, 2009

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