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As the technology in cars increase, so does the speed of each and every vehicle? I mean there are so many laws around that restrict this type of driving so why do manufacturers still persist to make cars that go fast. Lets take a quick look.

Government Money

What a better way to get money from the whole population by keep on giving them fines by driving too fast. The authorities in every country make billions of pounds every single year by fining people for breaking the speeding limit, would it not be easier to instead limit these cars so they cannot go at high speeds, this would also help save lives.

The Sale

Manufacturers acknowledge that they need to charm to the wide population of people. Most drivers, particularly males love to drive quick cars. They also love to have fast acceleration speeds as well. So the manufacturers must cater for these people too. Can you imagine if the Ferrari reduced their speed of their car? I mean the company would in all likelihood end up going out of business the very next twenty-four hour period.

To sum up I believe that creating cars faster then they are allowed to go is a silly idea, its a bit like saying no smoking allowed in a building except for one. Would it literally not be more effective limiting these cars to a certain speed level and having authority figures such as Police cars be able to exceed it. This would not only signal an end to high speed car chases, but it would also help save hundreds, if not thousands of lives every single year.

This will never happen though as the world is more concerned with making money, rather than caring for society.

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Written by ydpaar on September 11th, 2009

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