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I have actually driven a petrol car for the main part of my life, but because my work makes me travel a lot people have always stated that I should get a diesel car as they are a lot cheaper to run. So when my old automobile jammed up on me I decided to buy a brand new diesel automobile.

I mean it was a perfect and smooth drive, it was a bit nosier than my petrol car, but it was saving me a bit of money so it was something that I could well live with. Anyhow, this article is really about my first ever experience filling up a diesel car. Because I was so used to filling the car up with the green petrol pump it was just second nature to me. I in all truthness, did not think I had done anything odd and headed on the road for my meeting.

After around 10 minutes my car started shaking and came to a hold, this was a brand new vehicle and I could not understand how it could break down. But then I remembered that I had put the incorrect fuel in the automobile. I got the AA to toe me home, but I have heard from people that they have to drain the whole fuel system which is going to cost me quite a bit, but besides from that I lost a big contract by not being able to make it to the meeting.

The purpose of this article is just too simply notify everyone that using the correct oil is a must, it really does not matter if its for your car, heating oil or lawnmower. By putting the incorrect form of oil into the vehicle it is going to end up costing you rather a bit of money.

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Written by ydpaar on September 25th, 2009

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