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The current economic climate has left a lot of people in a difficult situation. For those who are looking for a new car, it might be a perfect time to buy . And it is for this very same reason that some people may be forced to sell their second car and may want to do it quickly, meaning the buyers can avail of really good opportunities.

Sellers trying to get shot of their car quickly will be more willing to drop their price to make this happen. Buyers will be able to look at all the classified ads and more often than not will be amazed at the available deals. These sellers face as difficult a time unloading their cars as the used car dealers which is good news for you.

Check the car out carefully when you are buying through a private sale. There will be no warranty or return and you are buying the car with the understanding that once you pay, the problems are yours. If there is a chance of taking the car out on a test drive, prospective owners should definitely take this opportunity. Obviously sellers will be wary of letting the prospective new owners take the car out on their own, for fear of theft, so they usually elect to accompany the new buyer on the test drive. Or the prospective buyers can leave their driving license with the seller as proof they will be coming back with the car. If the opportunity arises, prospective buyers should take the automobile out for a long as possible on the test drive. They will then be able to tell how the car acts over a longer period of time.

They should also be accompanied by a friend or a mechanic. Look under the hood and ask the owner if there have been any problems with the car. Most people will tell you if there have been any repairs recently on the car or if there is something that needs to be repaired.

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