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Cars are getting cheaper and cheaper, yet I am still seeing a lot of people driving cars that are literally over a decade old. It seems as though some people just do not acknowledge when their automobile has had it. So I am putting together a top 5 list so you know precisely when to change your car.

Startup Times

If your car fails to start every single day and it is over a decade old then it could potentially be time to call it a day. Go out and get yourself a brand new vehicle which is not older than five years. At least you will get a regular start up.


If your exhaust system is starting to get louder and louder then you acknowledge that your automobile has had it. Is it really worth paying to get a brand new exhaust when you could spend the money to purchase a new car instead? Also remember that if you notice black smoke coming out of the exhaust then it could indicate that the head gasket is going.

Oil Leak

Oil leaks may be an indication that something is seriously wrong with the vehicle, check the colour of the oil and if it is black then this could again indicate that you really need to scrap the car.


Is the clutch beginning to get heavier and heavier. If it has then a car change may be necessary immediatley as the clutch will probably cost more to fix than the car is worth.


Finally I would look to see if the body work had any rust problems, because not only will it be dangerous to the driver and passenger. But it will also probably fail its next MOT test leaving it off the road and leaving you carless.

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Written by ydpaar on September 20th, 2009

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