I Put Petrol Oil in My Diesel Car

I have actually driven a petrol car for the main part of my life, but because my work makes me travel a lot people have always stated that I should get a diesel car as they are a lot cheaper to run. So when my old automobile jammed up on me I decided to buy a brand new diesel automobile.

I mean it was a perfect and smooth drive, it was a bit nosier than my petrol car, but it was saving me a bit of money so it was something that I could well live with. Continue reading “I Put Petrol Oil in My Diesel Car”

What Really are the Benefits I Can Get From a New Car?

As the credit crunch settles in more and more people are looking to cut back on their expenditure habits. One aspect that a lot of individuals are now not looking at purchasing is new cars, they instead choose for the cheaper seconhand ones. But there are so many good benefits that can get from purchasing a new vehicle, so let us take a look at a few. Continue reading “What Really are the Benefits I Can Get From a New Car?”

Most Popular Models of Cars and Why

There are so many different models of automobile around these days that its rather difficult to accumulate a list of the best, particularly when every person has their own favorite brand. But I will now put my list unitedly of automobile models whIch I think are prominent and will let you know the reasons as to why.

Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo is a true jem, it has been around for years, ford have had their hard times in business, but one thing they have always offered is great value for money. Continue reading “Most Popular Models of Cars and Why”

The Inner Workings of Secondhand Automobile Sales

A few years ago I was asked to develop an article which could help to heighten the reputations of secondhand automobile salesmen. Evidently I’m no miracle worker, but I thought it was possible to produce a positive spin.

I was on the job as a journalist at the time, and had a cracking friend whose family had been in the automobile line of work for years. Continue reading “The Inner Workings of Secondhand Automobile Sales”