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Earlier this year car maker General Motor, who own brands like Pontiac and Chevrolet, filed for bankruptcy. However, they have now sorted themselves out, and from July, they have stopped receiving bankruptcy protection from the government.

After sorting themselves out, they are now trying some new methods in an attempt to bring more sales to the business. Two new methods are being looked at by the company in an attempt to sell more of their cars. The first method, which they had tried and pulled out of in 2008, is car leasing. General Motors are currently planning to return to the contract hire market this month. General Motors, being the manufacturer, may be able to give some extremely cheap van leasing offers as they can sell straight from the manufacturer lines, undercutting many other companies.

The other method is that they are teaming up with the online auction site eBay. As of August 11th, within the California area, General Motors started listing brand new Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and Pontic cars onto the online auction site.

The listings will be run up until September on a trial basis, but with the almost all of the Californian GM dealers already signed up, the system is already becoming popular. The system will work by customers buying the cars for the listed price, or they can haggle for a lower price. After the car has been purchased, the buyer must travel to one of the registered General Motor dealers to get their new car.

If the system is said to be successful by both eBay and General Motors, they will look to bring the system in across the entire United States. Also as other companies look to General Motors to see if the methods are successful, we might see other companies offering their own cars for lease such as a Honda lease.

Written by ydpaar on August 22nd, 2009

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