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Gadgets are always increasing in popularity, and the car-gadget market is one of those that has seen most growth recently. Lets take a little peak at 3 gadgets that have either only just been launched or are set to go mainstream pretty soon.

Electronic Cigarette. Believe it or not, In a recent survey smoking voted was one of the most popular things people like to do in their car. That said, nobody want to have their car stinking of cigarette smoke, especially when you have to give people a lift. Also, there is no escaping the left over cigarette butts, burns and ash in the car. This new electronic cigarette solves all these problems by producing clean smoke that isnt even harmful to the body. The best bit is you can recharge these gadgets using the cigarette lighter port, so itll save you a fortune.

Head-Rest Sound Blocker
. This is one of these gifts for men, when they are trying to concentrate on the task at hand. This new headrest addition emits low frequency sound waves that you can barely hear, but that intercept and block out all other noise in the car. This means no more nagging from the person in the passenger seat and no more kids pestering you for details on how far youve got to go.

Self-Adjusting Car Seats
. Not only does this technology help drivers be more comfortable, but also reduces their chances of being injured in a crash. Expected to be released by Ford in 2012, these new seats adjust automatically to your body shape and weight, giving you the best ergonomically friendly driving position. Dont worry, you can override the settings if you like your own position more. The best bit is that if you are involved in collision, the seat will move into the safest position possible in a fraction of a second.If the seats behind the driver and front passenger seat are empty, the seats at the front of the car will move backwards and get lower down in the event of an impact, all in the space of a few milliseconds.

Written by ydpaar on August 29th, 2009

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