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A new traffic system is being developed for Heathrow Airport in an attempt to reduce congestion on the buses. The system that they are creating is like no other in the world, it features 21 electric shuttles that are controlled by computers so there is no need for drivers.

The 21 shuttles will run along a two and a half mile pathway between the business car park and Heathrow’s Terminal 5. Every shuttle will travel at 25mph and has enough space to carry 4 passengers with all their luggage, the system has a target of delivering over half a million passengers each year.

Bristol University are helping the company Advanced Transport Systems Ltd to develop the new technology for the giant airport. The company have said that the shuttles are environmentally friendly as they are run on laser guidance and computers, while being easy and comfortable to use.

This system is the first step to creating cars that will automatically drive us to our destination that we inputted to the on-board computer. It looks like we could be seeing traffic systems like in films such as Minority Report and I-Robot in the near future.

As this technology becomes more and more advanced, we could see our lives saved as our driverless cars can plan ahead and avoid any traffic collisions. Although this does sound good for us, whether the car industry and the contract hire industry will welcome these changes is another matter.

With all the trouble already in the motoring industry, the last thing manufacturers and companies offer cheap van leasing will want to do is built and buy new driverless cars and vans. Although many motoring companies won’t welcome the changes, with technology being the way it is, in the near future companies will be required to offer a driverless BMW lease.

Written by ydpaar on August 22nd, 2009

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