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The giant of the motoring industry, General Motors, who own brands like Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Pontiac and Buick, have reveasleda line-up of new car £. Just last month, the motoring giant recovered after 40 days of bankruptcy, within those 40 days, the government invested $50 billion, making it around 60% owned by the public.

Now that they have got out of danger from bankruptcy, the car manufacturer is looking for new ways to help increase business. Within the past week, they have released details about the new ways they will be selling their cars. One of the methods was by listing their vehicles on eBay which began on August 11th.

On August 11th, General Motors invited over 100 hand picked consumers to an event they were holding in Detroit. The point of the event was to promote their ideas, plus their new range of cars for a number of their brands. After bouncing back after being struck by bankruptcy, the company have looked at their car models and are looking to make some new changes.

Currently, the majority of the cars General Motors sell are the size of tanks, these were once popular with Americans, however, now customers tend to go for smaller and eco-friendly vehicles. In an attempt to bring in a greener and younger customers, they have designed a series of smaller and more fuel efficient cars that will be released across their range of brands.

One of the cars that was announced is the Chevrolet Volt which is expected to become very popular. This car is said to be set for release in 2010, it’s already become very popular because of how many miles per gallon it can manage. It’s been announced that the new Volt model can do around 230 miles per gallon of city driving, that should cut running costs massively compared to a normal Chevrolet.

The other big announcement for new cars is the new model Cadillac. The announced model is going to be a small sports sedan and will come with either 4 wheel or rear wheel drive. The new model is going to be smaller than the extremely popular CTS model, unfortunately no release date was given.

During the event, a number of planned changes were announced by General Motors, all of which are expected to take effect within the next 3 years. Some plans announced included making 3 new models for Buick, doubling their current model range. We’ll have to keep watching to see what new models are released first. I just hope we in the UK will get some of these new models coming to the contract hire market. Currently if you are after leasing a large American car, you have to get a Chrysler lease. Another option would be to go for cheap van leasing because they’re most likely the same size as a Chevrolet

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