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Cars are an absolute crucial part for anyones life, you really cannot go anywhere or do anything unless you have some transport, but the problem is, is that because life is so hectic people simply do not have the energy or momentum. The is why there has been a drop in dispatch of used cars for sale and new cars. People are opting to get public transport.

Well, all of this could be changing inside the following few years, as technology develops and progresses new methods of transport are filtering through. One of these great modes of transports is by people using driverless vehicles. Heathrow airport in London have recently announced that they will be moving forwards with introducing a new taxi that will be able to bring passengers along Terminal 5.

The system itself cost around £25 million to create, the vehicle travels at up to 25mph, it basically uses computer laser guidance to keep it on course. The maker has indicated that the system could be exploited in city centres.

Simply what will this mean to the economy? I mean we already are in the midst of one of the largest economic downturns that we have ever witnessed, surely introducing something like this will make thousands if not millions of people become jobless. I mean bus drivers, train drivers and taxi drivers would be an absolute thing of the past.

We acknowledge the technology is there to manage this on a big scale, I mean we have satellite piloting systems that know our real time positioning, we have intelligent automobile sensors. The only thing that is really left is satelite tracking over the internet, which will allow cars to drive on their own and something like this is only around the corner.

In the next decade having a driving license may well be something of the past.

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Written by ydpaar on August 23rd, 2009

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