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When learning to drive, we are taught to let through emergency vehicles when they are getting to a 999 emergency. If you keep your course and don’t let the vehicle through, you could potentially be stopping the services getting to someone you know who needs help.

Most times when an emergency vehicles comes up behind your car, you are just driving along so all you have to do is simply pull over and let it past. However, where do you move if you’re sitting at a red light? This was the decision that had to be made by Philip Lilley while he was waiting at a red light.

The two cars that were ahead of him had already moved into the junction and positioned themselves to give as much room as possible for the approaching emergency vehicles. Now Mr Lilley was required to make his decision, either sit there and hold up the Police van, or move into the junction slightly to give room.

With only a moment to decide, he chose to move out and past the white line by about a yard. However, even though he let the emergency vehicle pass through the lights, Mr Lilley still received 3 points on his licence and a fine for jumping lights. It could be questioned whether he really did ‘jump the lights’ because as he was only around a yard over the line and he had no intention of actually breaking the law.

The Driving Standards Agency said that rule 219 of the Highway Code is ‘motorists should consider oncoming emergency vehicles but still comply with traffic signs’. However, Mr Lilley now thinks the same as I do. If drivers don’t want to get more points on their licence, many will not move out of the way incase they get fined, this could waste time for emergency services which as a result could lose lives.

So would you ‘jump the lights’ if you had to so that an emergency vehicle can get through? Mr Lilley has always done so in the past, no anymore though.

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Written by ydpaar on August 24th, 2009

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