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More bad news has come for the motor industry, this time in the truck and van sector. June figures for truck registrations are still showing falling numbers, however, the amount of vans being registered is starting to level out.

The amount of trucks being registered has been falling month by month, however, the figures for June have shown the largest drop in registrations yet. With the amount of trucks being registered last month only amounting to 2,761, this is a 47% fall in registrations from the same time last year.

On the other side of the sector, the amount of vans being registered has seen some improvment. In June the amount of van registrations reached 17,158 units. These sales figures show a 40.1% drop in registrations on June last year, however, it’s actually the smallest month on month drop so far. This could mean that the amount of van sales could be levelling out.

Renault was one of the main manufacturers that did well during June. They racked up a 78.5% rise in sales during June for their van and light truck models. One model in particular that did well was the Renault Trafic van. The Trafic van, which is currently Renault’s best selling van, recently won the first 2009 Security Award.

There are a series of factors that have affected the van and truck market. A big reason is that many companies are choosing to wait and see if van and truck prices continue to fall before they buy. Although the amount of companies buying vans is falling, the amount of van leasing companies buying vans is on the rise, this is because the companies that aren’t buying vans are choosing to lease vans instead.

Many companies are finding that getting out a Renault van lease is working out cheaper in the long run rather than buying a brand new van. So if you are looking for a Renault Trafic lease, you will often get a better deal because you are only paying monthly for the van, rather than paying a bulk sum for a new van.

So even though that the amount of van and truck sales coming from companies is falling, the amount being bought by leasing companies is rising.

Written by ydpaar on July 29th, 2009

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